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SALE! - Android TV Box

It’s time to turn your traditional TV into something a little more intelligent. Turn your television into a Smart TV without breaking your budget. Now you can stream Youtube, Netflix, HBO + loads more of your favourite streaming services and view it all in true 4K resolution. Now you can connect to your favourite services wirelessly without connecting a huge, long ethernet cable. It’s even got SD Card slots and 4 USB ports so you can connect your memory stick and view home videos and photos on the TV - How cool is that?! Oh and forget about typing 1 letter at a time using the TV remote. The ProHT 4K Smart Android TV Box comes included with a touchpad and keyboard that makes searching and selecting a huge breeze. Always grab yourself the deal of a lifetime when you shop online at! Australia’s No.1 Online Megastore is here!

Portable DVD Players + Loads More at Catch!

The Blaupunkt Portable 9"" Dual Screen DVD Player is perfect for those long car rides with a car full of kids or young teens. Let them be distracted in the back seat and never hear, “Are we there yet?” ever again! Don’t blame the little tikes, long car rides aren’t fun for anyone, they’re boring and being in a small space for ages doesn’t fly well with anyone. The radio is out-dated and when there is a car full of kids, it’s too hard to agree on the right station. Now they can watch their favourite movies or TV shows in the back seat with their headphones on. Keep the entire backseat entertained while you and your partner drive to the destination! Want a great deal on the latest tech? Shop online at Catch and enjoy the best deals online ever!