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How annoying is it when you can’t get a Wifi signal in your own home? You’re sitting there outside in the sun with your tablet or laptop, trying to watch some Netflix but you can’t get any signal. Imagine now if you had a TP-Link Universal Wifi Range Extender. You’d be able to boost that wireless signal to the hard-to-wire places in your house! You’d be able to easily boost the wireless signal and then you could grab a stronger connection anywhere else in the house. You could finally sit outside in the backyard relaxing on an armchair streaming your favourite TV-show or movies. Or if you have a two-story house, now you can grab a stronger wireless signal upstairs for when you’re in bed relaxing or trying to get to sleep. Simply plug the TP-Link in a wall socket and before you know it, you’ll be seconds away from boosting that signal you have missed out on! Sick of overpaying for tech products? Shop online with us at and watch the savings come in daily!

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Aren’t you tired of not getting out the full potential of your internet? The Archer VR400 by TP-Link unlocks and gives you the full potential of your internet connection. Producing a combined dual band wifi speed fo up to 1.2Gbps. Rid your online experience of lag and never wait for a video to buffer again. The two dedicated WiFi networks support more devices and reduce wireless interference to create stable connections for you and the family to enjoy. If you’re paying to have some of the best internet thean you should be getting the best speeds too! Don’t ever miss out on another Screamin’ Good Deal again - Shop online at and save!