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    The Best Soundbars For Less

    If you’re looking for a theatre like sound without having all those multiple speakers around your room or without spending a small fortune, then we’ve got great news for you. Soundbars have been a way of the future for a few years now, delivering that high-quality sound you know and love while online sitting in front of the television. Boost your movie, television or gaming experience and watch and play like you never have before. Only having a soundbar and a subwoofer can give you a sound like no other and the best thing is, they don’t take up so much room. Giving you that full front force impact of sound that you know and love without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Get yourself a soundbar, the sound that moves while you watch that blockbuster hit on your couch at home. The Samsung soundbar is designed with an acoustic beam which is engineered to mix and deliver sound so that appears to come straight from the on-screen action. Enjoy the science behind the sound, why watch a 4K television if the sound isn’t going to match? Ensure yourself powerful bass with increased and optimised gaming sound like is like no other. If you’re serious about getting the right sound and enjoying the finer things in life without breaking the bank, you need to set yourself up with a soundbar in your living space. Get state of the art sound without spending thousands, set it up yourself and enjoy the many uses of having a soundbar in your home.

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    Are you looking for something that’s not too big, doesn’t take up much space, can be taken almost anywhere easily and still delivers a high-quality sound like nothing else? The Yamaha DAB Micro HiFi System is exactly what you need in your day to day life. Dance away to your all-time favourite tunes while doing those chores around the house and get a fuller sound like no other. Your friends and family won’t believe the sound that comes out of these 11cm speakers. Sporting a motorcycle design, sleep timer, tone control, dimmer, AUX and headphone jack + so much more, this HiFi system is something truly awesome. Chuck on your favourite tunes and dance the night away with that special someone, have fun with your mates and use this awesome HiFi system to create some life at the party. Break a sweat while you work out and bust out those dance moves - we know you’re going to love the awesome deals we’ve got on HiFi systems, so don’t miss out!

    If you’re looking to increase your entertainment at home while you’re lazing about, or you’re trying to grab some awesome sounds while you listen to music or watch movies, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Catch we’ve got some Screamin’ Good Deals that you’re going to love – we promise. Grab yourself a soundbar or HiFi System to add some more flare to your home entertainment set up.