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RayBan: Leaders in eyewear

Ray Ban sunglasses are exclusive. Ray Ban sunglasses are iconic. Ray Ban eyewear have established themselves as manufacturers of the most recognisable pair of sunglasses. Ray Ban sunglasses will never go out of style, emulating fashion and tradition. Ray Ban glasses are for every occasion, and are the perfect pair of sunnies to invest in if you are looking for quality that will last. Throughout the eight year decade of dominant design, Ray Ban has been instrumental in pushing boundaries across a range of cultures. Ray Ban sunglasses are donned by icons and figureheads across industries and have left an undeniable mark on fashion history since their inception.

Game-breaking sunnies

Ray Ban sunglasses were introduced to reduce the glare from the sun and altitude sickness experienced by pilots as aircraft technology began to rapidly progress in the late 1920s. Ray Ban sunglasses were implemented to cut out glare, without obscuring vision. The glasses then became the perfect framework for high end sunglasses. The anti-glare technology went on sale to the public in 1937 before being rebranded with a metal frame as the Ray Ban Aviator in 1938. Ray Ban sunglasses quickly took off and became popular with anyone outdoors. Ray Ban sunglasses continued to implement different lenses for different conditions, and began to establish themselves as the leader of the eyewear industry.

Iconic Ray Ban style

Ray Ban sunglasses launched one of their main ranges in 1952. Ray Ban Wayfarers embodied the rise of Hollywood in the 50s, and were seen worn on screen by movie legends such as James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. The already recognisable name and boundary pushing new style truely cemented Ray Ban sunglasses as the pacemaker of eyewear fashion and culture. Ray Ban Wayfarers became one of the most instantly recognisable accessories to rock the fashion industry, and are regularly stocked at Catch. For cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, check out our range.